Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Sore Throat Remedies And Food to avoid for a sore throat

Sore throat is a very uncomfortable condition, no matter if it is mild or severe. While going through the period of sore throat we always wonder what wrong have i eaten to get this sore throat. It is very obvious that some foods can worsen your sore throat even by eating them once or in a very little quantity. Let’s discuss some sore throat remedies, foods which a person with sore throat would surely like to avoid.

Food to avoid during Sore Throat Problem
• Avoid eating sour food. Sour eatables can just be bad if not worse to increase your pain and scratchiness in the throat. Some of the sour products which one commonly eat or drink are candy, fruits like orange and grapes, lemonade etc. For that matter even a slightly sour product should be avoided like cranberry juice or fruits like pineapple, litchi.

• The other taste category of food which is spicy should definitely be avoided. Spicy food can sometime also become a reason for sore throat. Some people are affected easily but some does not even get affected. Some of the spicy food to be avoided is pickles, gol-gappas, salsa sauce etc.

• Any food item which you find is difficult to swallow should be avoided. Like some dry fruits, popcorn, dried out cereals etc. these foods further when goes into the throat becomes scratchy and irritates your throat and ultimately you tend to cough. These products can however be consumed, as an alternative you can always change the form of food like you can put dried out cereals into milk and then consume it. Always try to have foods which are soft and moist so that it can easily go down your throat.

• Fried food is another category to be avoided while suffering from sore throat. Fried foods are generally crispy, crunchy and hard in quality which is again difficult to swallow. Moreover when any crunchy thing you eat goes through your throat. It irritates you even more.

• Wrong temperature of food (weather too hot or too cold) also plays a major role in worsening the sore throat. For example when you eat ice cream you can let it melt a bit or when you drink hot coffee or soup you should let it be little cool similarly can drink soft drink or juice without ice.

• Products containing caffeine like coffee and soda drinks are very harmful not only during sore throat but otherwise also. These products increase the problem of your throat and can also lead to thyroid and diabetes.

• Other foods and drinks to avoid during sore throat are acidic foods like vinegar, alcohol, chilly food, frozen food etc.
Some foods which should be eat in sore throat
• Banana:- banana being a soft fruit in easy to swallow and moreover it’s a non-acidic fruit.

• A bowl of chicken soup:- chicken soup is very good for sore throat as it has quality ti fight the bacteria build up in the throat.

• Lemon juice and honey mixture:- it is a very old remedy to relieve sore throat. It reduces inflammation thus leaving you feel better.

• Eggs:- scrambled egg or white egg is easy o digest and helps fight inflammation. It is rich in proteins and very healthy.

• Tea:- ginger or honey tea are excellent to calm you sore throat. While sipping a tea inhale the steam, it is very beneficial.