Saturday, June 14, 2014

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How to Spam in Facebook Groups Without Warnings.

In this post i'm going to reveal My secret way of Receiving the free traffic from facebook Groups. After the Updates of Google Panda and Penguin I was in search of new Way of Receiving the traffic and to avoid the Google Ban. Facebook is a Open Social media and Is best way to Divert the traffic to Our Blogs. However Facebook is restricting by sending warning messages to slow down your spam activity. However Now i'm Going to Reveal you My secret of Getting Traffic from Facebook.

Spam In Facebook Groups Without getting Banned :

Step 1: Copy all the Email ID's of Facebook groups from (100 Email ID's of Facebook Groups)

Step 2: Create a Fake Gmail account which is temporary or Useless..

Step 3: Create a Facebook account with this Gmail account, and then start joining as many groups as possible.

Step 4: Wait for Request approval from them. You can only post when you're approved.

Step 5: Now compose a mail.

Step 6: Add all the shared email addresses to Recipients and write a small Subject.

Step 7: click on Send to push this mail to all the groups . this mail, I’m sending a sample mail to 91 Facebook Groups of SEO.

Its done!
You can always go back and check the group for conformation.