Thursday, June 12, 2014

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How to SEO Your Blog On Blogger With High PR - WhiteHat.

Optimise Your Blog With SEO.

Search Engine Optimization :

SEO is All about Improvising The Keywords In your Blog and Making it Easily Understandable and Look Attractive. Getting a Good Page Rank In Search Engines is based Upon Many factors. Depending On the Keywords You will Be showing up Your Blog in The Search Engines.

I Personally Recommend you Some tips. However It's Very hard to Put Them in Your Control, You can give a Try and Make Sure You won't let Them out of Your Control.

  1. Understanding The Keywords For Your Website.
  2. Apply The Required Keywords On Your Blog
  3. Limit The Keyword , Don't Spam with Keywords.
  4. Do not Modify the Permalinks.
  5. Write Unique and Quality Articles. 

Understanding The Keywords 

                     After you Decide the Category of your website , Study The Topic. If you're Starting a Website on Blogger Tips Make Sure about the Topics You are Going to Cover in the website. Ex: (How to blog).

Implementing The Keywords

             Use the Exact keywords you have Taken for the website. Use them in your Domain name , Permalinks and in Blog Title and Posts!

Don't Use Too Many keywords

                   Search Engines During the Crawling of your Blog Checks for The Keywords. And Search Engines Can Penalise Your Website in case of Much use of the Same Keyword. So Do Check Your Blog before Posting.

Don't Modify The Permalinks

            Once you have published a blog post, never edit your permalinks, either in Settings –> Permalinks or on individual posts or pages. Doing so can cause broken links, thereby hurting your SEO.

Unique and Quality Article Writing

       Write great content. Excellent content is the only thing that has consistently withstood the dramatic algorithm changes I have watched over the last 2 years. You just can’t go wrong with original, high-quality content. That’s not just me, Matt Cutts (Google fame) says. A lot of people spend a lot of time and money on SEO but the truth is, writing good content on a regular basis, in the long run, will be best for your SEO.