Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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How to Reduce Belly Fat Bloating

Top foods to reduce belly fat:


This is very import to flat your belly. Drink more water every day so that excess toxins and fluid will be thrown out of your body. If you can add lemon to warm water and have this will be more useful ad lemon can clear your intestine and make you feel light. It can relieve you from the feeling of bloating.


This is a fruit with more water content. So when ever you feel to have snack go for watermelon. Have 1 cup of watermelon which can serve you 100 calories. This fruit can also lower the sodium content in your body. It also has vitamin C in it. So considering all these advantages take this fruit regularly.

Green Leafy Vegetable Specially Spinach:

Your tummy will definitely have no discomfort when you take leafy vegetables. You can eat as much as you can but still you will not feel your tummy bloating. More over these leafy vegetables will have many vitamins and minerals in it that are very good for your body. Specially spinach is very good to eat. This can clear you problem of gas and can have more fiber content in it.


Oats reduces the problem of constipation and has more insoluble fibers in it. Having oats regularly can solve your digestion related problems. If you really working out hard for your belly flat then make oats as a part your regular diet then you can see the results very fast.


This is very good for flattering your belly as it is very low-calorie diet. This will also have lot of water content. You can use this for salads and make your diet very  healthy. This can provide very low calorie about 45 for a single cup. Cucumber is most refreshing and cool for people on diet.

Eat Proteins:

To flat tummy you can eat more protein rich foods such as Egg White, Fish, Chicken, red meat etc. Eating these protein rich foods can make your system work hard to digest those foods. So For longer time you feel full and fat burn while the protein digestion takes place.

Add Low Fat Diet:

Always choose low fat foods to lower bloating. Choose Yogurt, Milk, low-fat cheese etc. These can make you feel full and low fat is supplied to your body. Having yogurt will help you lower bloating.